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Eye mask with ear pillows


Block light and block sound with the Hibermate eye mask.
Get the sleep you need fast and stay asleep longer.
The Hibermate
eye mask protects you from annoying sounds.


Hibermate eye mask


New!! 2 month industry
money back guarantee
No hard plastic edges to cut into your face!
The World's favourite eye mask is now even better!
  • All new and improved 2010!
  • Removable ear pillows... significantly reduce unwanted noise without annoying and uncomfortable ear plugs.
  • Blocks out light. Helps relieve insomnia and migraines.
  • Fully adjustable, fits any adult head size.
  • Smooth satin outer with soft, breathable poly/cotton lining.
  • The Hibermate eye mask is completely hypoallergenic.
  • The eye mask comes beautifully packaged and presented.
  • Amazingly effective...    Learn more...


'...by far the best eye mask I've ever used...'
Maureen Wheeler. Founder - Lonely Planet.

Perfect For:
  • Shift Workers
  • New Mothers
  • Travelers
  • Hospital Stays
  • Gift Ideas


  • Sleep during the day
  • Block out unwanted noise
  • Peace and quiet anytime
  • Arrive at your destination fully refreshed and ready to go


The all new 2010 Hibermate MKII eye mask is now even better! The Hibermate comes with removable ear pillows to reduce noise when you need it. As you'd expect, the Hibermate eye mask completely blocks out all light. The super soft fabrics we use in our sleeping mask feel amazingly cozy against the skin and the silky satin outer slips against your pillow with ease. Your new Hibermate will always keep its place on your face!

The Hibermate is fully adjustable, totally comfortable, and most importantly, our ear muffs for sleeping are amazingly effective... 

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Photograph: The Pitch Black slimline Hibermate Eye and Ear Pillow sleeping mask.

Also comes in Dark Navy.

'Hibernate with the Hibermate'

Lets take a quick look at the benefits of our eye mask...

    It totally blocks out light, there is no light seepage from under the nose or from the sides

   It significantly blocks out noise, the Hibermate eye mask ear pillows are super-effective in blocking unwanted noise, and they're 100% more comfortable than ear plugs. They reduce or absorb sounds by about 50%. They're also fully adjustable and removable if noise isn't an issue, making the hibermate the most versatile eye mask available. Period.

    The silky outer satin cover slips easily against the pillow so the Hibermate eye mask will always stay in place

    The soft poly/cotton inner is comfortable against the skin, warm & cozy in winter, cool and breathable in summer, featuring the snuggly-soft "frost-bite" microfibre fabric

    The Hibermate is completely hypoallergenic - no more sneezing.

    It's slim, compact, lightweight and fully machine washable - wash, dry and wear, again and again and again.

    New!! 60 day money back, guarantee... unlike other eye masks, the Hibermate has been designed to last a lifetime

    Click here for a "quality-check" of the Hibermate eye mask (its a close-up, use your browser back-button to return)

    I almost forgot to mention. The Hibermate looks cool while you're wearing it!

    A eye mask is a must if you're traveling. If you're on a long flight, train trip or bus ride, the Hibermate eye mask will help you sleep through the journey, and then have you waking up at your destination feeling refreshed and ready to go. It fits in the smallest bag and weighs virtually nothing. It's really great for long car trips too.

    Ever worked night shift? Then you'll know just how difficult it can be to sleep during the day. The Hibermate eye mask solves the two-fold problems of outside light, and intrusive noise. Working nightshift and trying to sleep during the day were the original inspirations which helped to create the Hibermate sleeping mask.

    If you or anyone close to you has ever spent any time in hospital, you'll know that trying to find sleep during the day (or night) can be almost impossible. The Hibermate eye mask makes a thoughtful gift for anyone recovering from an ailment... It's a really good conversation starter around the bedside.

    We didn't realize it when we made our eye mask, but the Hibermate is a god-send if you suffer from migraines. We have had SO MANY emails from customers and friends who use the Hibermate for migraine relief we had to say something!


We said it.


I'm not a huge fan of testimonials, but I was quite chuffed with these...

Thanks Vicki! 

Cheers Ron, keep up the good work!

Also, it's really nice to have received so many repeat orders, thanks everyone!

Our eye mask specifications

The Hibermate incorporates removable slim-line ear pillows, filled with a special sound absorbing foam. They're incredibly soft, and amazingly comfortable to wear and effectively absorb about 50% of disturbing noise whether you're sitting down, or lying in your bed. Unlike ear plugs, you'll not even realise they're there. You can also increase the amount of noise you need to eliminate by removing the fabric cover. If your ears are directly against the super-soft foam ear pillow, sound absorption is dramatically improved.

How does it attach at the back?

The back of the mask incorporates a flexible, yet sturdy 1 inch elastic strap which fixes to the back with soft velcro. It won't tangle in your hair or lose it stretchiness! Once you've set it the first time you can keep your preferred settings and slip the mask on and off your head whenever you want without having to 're-adjust' every time. Going to sleep with the Hibermate is easy.

Back of the sleep mask

Photo: Back of the sleeping mask, showing velcro & elastic fastening system

News flash* 2010... The Hibermate eye mask is now even more fully adjustable. We've added even more velcro and even more elastic. One size really will fit all...

News flash* April 2010... We have now extended our refund/return policy to 60 DAYS or 2 Months.

We've also improved the sound blocking capabilities of the mask with brand new foam. It's lighter, and more sound absorbent.

Yes, really!


The Hibermate comes in the elegant Dark Navy Blue. Our eye mask is cleverly packaged, beautifully presented and makes a wonderful gift.


...Another bunch of terrific testimonials....

Thank you Jackie!!

Thanks Dee Dee, I can't wait for you and your husband to come and visit!

Cheers Kathy!

What have thousands of other customers been saying about the Hibermate? Click here to find out!


Strict quality control measures are taken at all stages of manufacture to ensure the Hibermate will exceed your expectations. They are individually hand-made in limited numbers and are available exclusively from Complete Sleep Systems online - we often sell out (and we're not kidding). The Hibermate is not a gimmick!  If it's not the most comfortable eye mask you've ever worn, we'll give you your money back. We also recognize that eye masks aren't for everyone so that's why we've extended our refund offer from a 30 to a 60 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee - that's a personal promise! You simply won't find a more comfortable, versatile or luxurious sleeping mask in stores or on the web, at any price.

The Hibermate eye mask is yours from:

AUD $29.95

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Complete Sleep Systems offers and 60 day, full money back refund if you're not satisfied with the Hibermate's performance. Note that all prices are quoted in $AUD dollars. Please also note that the colors of our eye masks shown may differ slightly. Our secure payments page offers 128 bit encryption for peace of mind transactions.  We ship our masks world-wide, to Canada, the UK, Europe, Asia, Africa and the US. We ship your mask the same day as the order is received, but for those countries outside Australia, please allow approximately five to ten working days for delivery of your new sleeping mask.


Photograph: Our friend Trish wearing the Pitch Black slimline Hibermate Eye and Ear Pillow sleeping mask.

Enquiries: email: info@hibermate.com